VT900 Gps Tracker

VT900 Gps Tracker




When you are looking for a vehicle GPS tracker that does what you want at a realistic price – look no further.

The Mongoose VT900 has to be the best value, feature packed GPS tracker.

Just a glance through it’s array of features shows it can do almost everything most users want or need.

What’s more, it’s so easy to use thanks to the mobile APP !


Where is it now  ?

Open the APP and click “Real time”. The map shows where your vehicle is located.

Where was it  ?

History shows the route driven. Select ‘play’ and the screen shows the route taken.
Select any day – last 6 months history always maintained.

Got more than one vehicle ?
You logon with your own chosen username and password.
See all your vehicles at the same time.
Select individual vehicles to see more details.

Any other costs ?
Yes, possibly………………………..
GPS trackers require a mobile SIM card inserted so that they can communicate with your mobile phone and the website.
Typical SIM costs on PrePay range from $2.00 to $10.00 per month depending on usage.

Sometimes the cost can be zero depending on your contracts with your mobile provider.
Otherwise a PrePay can be the least expensive but discuss options with your mobile provider.


  • Mobile APP – FREE to download and use
  • History recording website – FREE to use – no download required
  • Uses low cost data for location reporting to the website
  • Uses text messages for warning alerts to your phone
  • Send just 2 set-up texts to start tracking
  • ‘Account’ logon for multiple tracker users – see all trackers on one screen
  • Live track your vehicle(s) on your smart phone, tablet or PC
  • History playback (continuous 6 months)
  • Print/save travel reports from the website
  • 2~3 hour battery back-up
  • Uses LBS (cell sites) for approximate location when no GPS available (an aid to Search & Rescue)
  • Maximum of 3 authorised ‘users’
  • Time adjustable for daylight saving
  • Engine immobiliser – optional fitment (should be starter motor only – see cautionary note below)
  • Geo-fence – sets permitted travel area – multiples can be set
  • Manual Arm/Disarm function for alerts
  • ALERTS FOR: Ignition – Shock – Geo-fence in/out – Speed – Move – Low power – Power disconnect
  • Small size: 70x40x22mm – 50g
  • Water resistant to IPX-6
  • 12v~75v DC
  • Uses a 3G GSM/WCDMA SIM card
  • Easy installation – only 3 wires + immobiliser
  • 2 year product warranty


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