About Us

Sam Waite


Hi, my name is Sam and i am the owner and installer here at Precision Audio.

A Bit About Me.

I started installing in 2006 at Strathfield Car Radios, when that company started going under in 2008/2009 I left and worked for another business called Mobitech. Whilst at Mobitech I was subcontracting on the weekends to Wow Sight and Sound.
In 2010 I made the decision to leave Mobitech and start out on my own.

The Journey

Since I made the decision to go out on my own it has been quite a journey, I started out at the start subcontracting to Wow Sight and Sound, Autobarn and Option Audio whenever they needed the extra help and spent the rest of my days servicing second hand car yards mostly around slacks creek.

In 2015 after years of subcontracting to the major retailers and doing second hand car yard work i changed focus to providing my services more to the general public. I still do a bit of contracting work for a company called Autoxtreme.

Now we are in 2020 and I have decided its now time to branch out to my next phase and start am online shop with the intentions of being able to provide my customers awesome products at great prices.

The Future

If all goes well i would like to be able to expand my product range for my customers and i would like to try and contact afterpay to get them on board as another way i can help my customers. I am also looking to expand my fitting services to more places by establishing a network of contact installers so i can point anyone outside of Brisbane to a top installer that will do a magnificent job.